Porsche Meet at Goodwood – Video

Porsche Meet at Goodwood – Video

Purely by chance I was driving towards Goodwood Motor Circuit and out in front of me pulled a 996 911 GT2. This is a car you don’t see everyday and happens to be one of my favourite cars of all time… I have a lot of those. To the unassuming it is just another Porsche, from the least pretty era of Porsche’s history. I have always had a soft spot for the 996 and although the design didn’t date very well in the decade after it’s launch, it seems that the style is becoming more appealing to the masses once again as it grows older. Anyway, as we continued down the road towards Goodwood I wondered if it would turn in to the Motor Circuit or just cruise on past. It turned in and I was of course obliged to follow. Good job I did too, I entered Porsche wonderland. So please do enjoy sifting through the pictures from my chance encounter.



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