About Us 

The history of Ransom Road & Racing.



Ransom Road & Racing is fresh off the press. It was started in 2015 by a team of auto enthusiasts with backgrounds in motorsport and automotive industries. Cars are our passion and we want to share our experiences with others in the hope to fuel the craving and to inspire.

We are based very close to Goodwood motor circuit in the south of the UK. This is a hub of british automotive culture with frequent car meets, racing events and track days. It is also place of rich automotive history. Here’s a few reasons why we love cars:


Cars are works of art in their own right. From the timeless design of the Jaguar E-type to the outlandish and extrovert lines of the Lamborghini Veneno.


Cars help move society forward (literally and metaphorically) and raise quality of life for everyone. The technologies developed on the racetrack are often applied to many other industries whether from aerospace to software development.


Cars stir up emotions in many ways, whether it be shear terror from a moment on the track, elation when going to the showroom to pick up a new ride or bliss while cruising in the sunshine with the roof down and the music on.


Every car has it’s own story, and some have had a greater impact on the world the today than you would imagine. BMW’s history in aircraft engines, the Cadillac family coat of arms or Toyota with their revolutionary manufacturing system