2015 FOS Part 1 – Racing Cars

2015 FOS Part 1 – Racing Cars

This years festival of speed was yet another stormer, with the center piece commemorating Mazda’s victory at 24 heures du mans in the rotary powered 787B. As such, Mazda brought along a selection of rotary wonders to show off, the scream of the quad-rotor is something that must be experienced first hand. It’s enough to leave any car fan browsing the classifieds for a classic RX7 trying to convince yourself it’s a savvy investment decision, but I know from experience that owning a rotary is not for those with a faint heart… or shallow pockets.



So we’ve split our highlights of the festival into three parts, with this being the first showing a selection of the racing cars on show. What were your highlights of the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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