2015 FOS Part 2 – Supercars

2015 FOS Part 2 – Supercars

In Part 2 of our 2015 FOS collection we have a selection of the supercars from the event.

The McLaren F1 GT. There is a mere 3 of these machines in existence. Originally intended as a one-off build by McLaren in order to meet the homologation requirements of the 24 heures du Mans, McLaren ended up producing two more upon the request of existing McLaren F1 customers. No doubt for an immense price, however, this is undisclosed. To see one of these in the flesh was really remarkable. Although, it is with a hint of sadness that you cast your eyes over the immaculate bodywork, as it is clear that those 627 horses are only ever exercised under laboratory conditions. Still, If I was offered the opportunity to have one of these as my living room center-piece I certainly wouldn’t decline.



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