Breakfast Club “V-Power” – The Highlights – Video

Breakfast Club “V-Power” – The Highlights – Video

The theme this time was “V-Power” and the turnout didn’t disappoint. One of the many highlights of the show was the Lark McLaren F1, a GTR spec F1 converted for road use. Any suspicions that this is just a dressed up road car are vanquished when you hear the┬áloud whine of the straight-cut gears. Every McLaren has it’s own individual history, especially the GTR’s. There were two Lark sponsored GTR’s run by Team Goh in the GT500 class of the 1996 Japan Grand Touring Car Championships. On their debut race, the GTR’s piloted by Ralph Schumacher and Naoki Hattori took a 1-2 finish at Suzuka. The #61 GTR went on to win the championship and remains the only non-Japanese car to win the GT500 class.



Following that nugget of history, enjoy the video and snaps from a morning filled with automotive gems. As always we love to hear your favourite in the comments below!



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